Voice and Data Cabling

The success of your network depends on a top-quality, strategic implementation. Synutec designs and builds state-of the art cabling infrastructures to meet the unique needs of your business. We'll work with you to determine how many cable drops you need and where you need them. We'll determine the proper location for your telecom room and we'll set it up, from installing server racks to configuring the technology for your telephone and computer networks. We have a solid track record for building virtually every type of network, including voice, data, fiber and wireless environments.

We work closely with contractors, laying the voice and data cable infrastructure during construction, and we work with business owners to help them upgrade the technology in existing structures. Our design work adheres to national, state, and local codes – as well as the most rigorous industry and manufacturer standards.

Our certified systems come with a 20 year warranty, in addition to manufacturer' warranties for hardware and software. After the installation, we provide you with everything you need for local site and corporate support purposes, including complete floor plans, equipment room layouts, and testing and certification results.