Synutec designs and builds state-of-the-art wiring infrastructures to meet the unique needs of your business. We’ll work with you to design and implement exact placement of wiring within your facility to meet your demanding business requirements.

We work closely with contractors, as we design the infrastructure during construction, and we work with business owners on project management and design at existing and new locations. Our design work adheres to national, state, and local codes – as well as the most rigorous industry and manufacturer standards.


An access control system secures buildings and tracks usage and entry, giving the administrator control over who has access, where they go, and when they’re allowed.

Card readers, key fobs, photo badges, fingerprint readers and more – these are the basic tools for access control systems. Each system is customizable to your specs, from something as simple as a magnetic lock on one door or as complex as dozens of doors controlled throughout your office network.


Intercom and bell systems can be a customized package of paging systems, intercoms, door buzzers, background music, and more. We’ll work with you to design the right package, one that’s especially designed for your facility’s communication needs. Many industries benefit from these systems, including education, government, and healthcare. But we don’t stop there – no matter your sector or size, we can work with you to create communication solutions.

Bell systems can be programmed to signal class or shift changes. We can configure them for talk-back and broadcasting music or tones. Synutec can install the wiring, integrate the hardware, and configure the entire system to your requirements.


When it comes to security alarms and monitoring, we’re your one-stop shop. We work with you to understand your security needs, and we’ll craft a custom strategy to build an integrated system that provides the most peace of mind.

Systems can include devices such as motion detectors (microwave or passive infrared), glass break detectors, vibration sensors, and countless switches and contacts used to protect doors and windows.

All the systems we install are non-proprietary, which allows you to choose from a host of security monitoring companies, including several that we work with closely.


A comprehensive surveillance system is critical for monitoring your facility for theft, productivity, and safety. It mitigates future risks, allowing you to record any incidents or crimes. Footage from cameras throughout your facility, even in multiple locations, can all be viewed remotely.

The increased sensitivity and higher resolution of the newest camera technology is ideal for virtually any application, including low light conditions.


Our IT network services are especially designed for small to medium companies. We deliver both remote and on-site support.

We work with you to install networks, integrate workstations, provide computer maintenance, and troubleshoot network issues. Your technology’s security is our top priority, so we provide audits of your network – preventing breaches and safeguarding your data.

If you don’t have a staffed IT department, we’re on standby as your IT solution. Our work is billed hourly or you can purchase a monthly service agreement for maximum reliability and security.